Top Reasons for Valuations

Selling Your Business

 Sometimes as business owners we are ready to move onto the next challenge or take a break from our current one.   

Buying Out Partner

 Often times the dynamics of relationships, partnerships, roles and the businesses change.  Sometimes partners want to “cash” out or leave the company.  Other Times a buy-sell agreement has been initiated, but only with willing partners.  

Snapshot of Current Business Value

 Whether you are seeking bank financing, lines of credit, or just want an understanding of the current value of your company or checking on the financial health of your company this is a great place to start. 

Corporate Restructure

  With new tax laws and the possibility of new partnerships it may make sense to restructure.  In order to do so many times you should or may need an independent third party valuation done. 

Estate/Retirement Planning

  Retirement and succession planning are often lumped into one category.  There can often be a reason to either sell or value a company.  If you are planning your retirement or setting up the next generation to take over the business it may make sense to understand the value of your company on a semi-regular basis.

Medical / Other Reasons

 Whether divorce is the reason or a medical condition was diagnosed unfortunate circumstances occur which sometimes force us to step away from the legacy we’ve built.  When doing this knowing the proper value of your business will not only speed up the process but allow you to determine when you think it would make sense to step away or sell a business.