What is due diligence and why does it matter for your business?

We provide accredited third party valuations to give you a snapshot of what your company is worth.

About Us

About Our Company

Stoneburgh Management is a due diligence firm that participates in every aspect of a sale, purchase and valuation of a company.  Our firm uses a 4 step diagnostic process, Discover, Diagnose, Design and Deliver. (Jeff Thull)  This ensures consistent, reliable and repeatable processes to ensure that each situation is tailored just for you.

First we work with you to discover your need, then diagnose the situation followed by the design of your solution.  We end this process by delivering results.

Our Experience

Our team has negotiated and participated in hundreds of deals and valuations.  We relieve you of the burden of time it takes to find out what the snapshot of your company looks like today.  We are here to scrub the data and help you identify any blind spots so that you may know the true valuation of your company.  

Our Team

Our team is comprised of different firms that work together to navigate the process of selling, purchasing and valuing a business.  No one individual can t it all so we work with seasoned industry professionals to provide the absolute best experience to identify possible blind spots.  Blind Spots to business owners is money left on the table.

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